{We are proud to be experts of electronics}

We are UAB „Salpas“ – private company with more than 20 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, installing and maintenance of radio metering equipment, other lab equipment and devices. We can design various electronic devices on single request or for mass production purposes. We can offer services of checking, validating and fixing wide variety of electronic equipment – oscilloscopes, oscillators, voltmeters and other electronic equipment. Our staff- highly qualified specialists who can provide unique solutions for our highly demanding clients and customers. We are always open for new challenges when finding best solutions for our customers.

Elektronikos prietaisų projektavimas

Pagal užsakymą projektuojame vienetinius ir serijinei gamybai skirtus elektronikos prietaisus ir jų dalis.

Maintenance of electronic devices

We can provide maintenance inspection and reparation:
  • Oscilloscopes;
  • Metering equipment;
  • Power supply units;
  • Complex electronic components;
  • Radiotechnics;
  • Monitors.
  • Initial setup and instalment of electronic devices

    We can provide initial setup of electronic components to meet factory settings. We repair wide variety of electronic equipment. Our staff is also available to answer electrical engineering questions

    Electronics for sale

    We sell oscilloscopes, frequency meters, voltmeters, power supply units.


    • Even we had some technical problems with installment of our equipment, close collaboration with your engineers helped us solve all problems.
      director Nikolaj Kalev.
      JSC "Oscilografijos centras"
    • Even our professional equipment sometimes breaks. When this happens we turn to you because you have a good value for money.
      manager Rokas Bugailishkis
      JSC "Arclights"
    • When our equipment breaks down, without a doubt appeal to you. Thank you for your hard work. Perform quality work and on time. Very pleased that we have a reliable partner.
      director Vitautas Vilkauskas
      JSC "Vygeja"


    JSC "Salpas"